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project Z-42 War

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1project Z-42 War Empty project Z-42 War on Wed Nov 12, 2008 7:37 pm


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This Project has nothing to do with ROBLOX or ROBLOX chronicles, so Off-Topic it gos!

This Project is going to be a WarCraft III map, I haven't been on ROBLOX lately because I must work on this map for weeks making triggers which I cannot understand, Its like 10x Harder then Lua scripting and C++ it might be but I doubt it..

If anyones played WarCraft III then you may know a little about what I'm saying, but if you've played World of Warcraft, then you haven't an idea!

This Project includes hundreds of new meshes, Triggers to allow ally Teaming, and Selling the Lumber to transfer it into gold. The map is huge It took me 5 hours to lay down some trees and nice looking terrain, Its ok But Not as good compared to some of my other work.. Some Images?

project Z-42 War ImageWarCraftmapAlloutWAR
all out WAR!!!!
Newest one, part of 'Project Z-42 War'

project Z-42 War ImageWarCraftmapFeildsofDeath
Fields of Death
One very old piece of work, I made a wile back.. to show to see what I did now and before.. However I rushed the old map and it was 25x Bigger...

I will have to work on it for another Week or two and may not be on the site between large areas of time you know why not, and if I'm off ROBLOX for a long time..

Now if you read all of that well done, you now know .25% of what I'm doing, however it would take a HUGE 900 Sentence paragraph to tell you what All I've done and half of what I'm doing..

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