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Rules and Expectations

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1Rules and Expectations Empty Rules and Expectations on Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:00 pm


1. Profanity
RobloxChronicles does not allow swearing.

2. Scamming
RobloxChronicles is a safe enviroment, do not scam.

3. Innapropriate Images
RobloxChronicles has the same expectations as a PR-Rated movie.

4. Complaining
RobloxChronicles does not put up with complaining about moderation.

5. Spamming
RobloxChronicles does not allow spamming anywhere on the site.

6. Off-Topic
RobloxChronicles expects you to remain on topic, and post about the thread.

Break any of these rules and your account can be terminated.

RobloxChronicles expects you to follow these rules and keep this community healthy.
If you are a moderator or administrator, RobloxChronicles expects you to do your job correctly.
(Note: You will obtain expectations from the system when hired)

-- Pheedy
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