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Some Building Tips

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1Some Building Tips Empty Some Building Tips on Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:05 pm


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Here are some building tips, add some of your own Very Happy

1. If your going to anchor ALL of your place, it will result in unessicary*sp* snaps, so use a snap remover, it will reduce lag greatly.

2. Dont make a "BLOW UP TEH _____" place....

3. If you have unused space in your place, resize it, so it wont be all empty.

4. Dont use free model's unless you NEED too, come on, rely on your building ability, dude...

5. Make it fun, let people blow up stuff, let people do some platforming, all dat crap.

6. Look at DigitalMessiah's place if you think your the best builder ever, it will show how muchyou really arent ._.

7. There is no 7, teehee.

Inside inside inside out, Inside inside out out, Inside inside inside out out, Inside inside upside down.
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